eastonandotleylogoMy name is Trish Bradwell and I am a lecturer in Initial Teacher Training at Easton & Otley College. I have been teaching for 15 years, firstly ICT to adults, then Pre-foundation 14-19yrs employability to learners with SpLDs, and now HE Teacher Training. I am an Adult Literacy specialist as well as being a keen user of technology enhanced learning tools. I am currently completing a Master’s degree in Digital Education with the University of Edinburgh.

This website presents a study of the longer term impact of the ETF-funded action research project ‘Changing the Face of Curriculum Design’ which was conducted by my colleague, Katie Wilden at Otley College from October 2013 – July 2014. The project explored ways in which learning technology could be introduced more extensively to improve the delivery of HE programmes at Easton and Otley College, particularly the Animal Studies courses that Katie delivered at that time. The project presented results

Katie Wilden

Katie Wilden

of surveys conducted with both students and staff about their use of digital technology and explored a set of e learning tools that staff had begun to use and find useful in the classroom and in the design of blended learning models. The project also made some key recommendations about changes that could be made to enable staff and students to enjoy the benefits of learning technology in teaching and learning.

Katie invited me to work with her to capture the impact of her original project which I have really enjoyed doing. In addition a section of this website presents a summary of an action research project I have been doing myself as part of my dissertation. As a teacher trainer I have the opportunity to see staff in all areas of the college and so get to see all the great things happening with ICT in the various classes so I have been able to identify and comment on various changes in staff attitudes, practices and institutional policies that have taken place at the college in terms of our use of technology.

This longer term impact report has been jointly written by myself, Trish Bradwell and Katie Wilden with support from our emCETT Regional Advisor, Bob Read. It explores the various ways in which the college and its staff have made progress in their use of digital technology as a result of the Katie’s original project last year.

Katie began her maternity leave early in the summer term but she has contributed fully to the design and content of this website and before she left, she recorded video blogs and audio clips which you will find in the various pages of the website.

Trish Bradwell